Strategic Mandate Agreements Mtcu

Laurentian University is conducting extensive consultation to share information on the SMA3 process and to ensure that decisions made under this agreement reflect and advance Laurentian University`s goals, strengths, values and strategic outcomes. Some of the current relationship between the Universities of Ontario and the MTCU and the provincial government is also governed by these agreements. In 2013, the MTCU adopted a policy framework that set the goal of achieving greater institutional diversity in the PES system through negotiations with the various institutions. The framework included incentive funding in areas where system-wide measures have been defined by the government and incremental institutional resources related to the outcomes desired by each PES institution, with performance measures and indicators. The framework revolved around the creation of a three-year ADM with each institution. Each party proposed objectives and measures, and the result was the creation of an ADM with each PES and MTCU institution in 2014. The second phase of the SMA process, called SMA2, was negotiated in 2016 and runs from 2017 to 2020. . The Ontario government has announced that the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) will negotiate Strategic Agreement 3 (SMA3, 2020-25) with all Ontario universities. Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) is a bilateral agreement between the ministry and the university that the ministry believes is a key component of the accounting framework for post-secondary education in Ontario. Bilateral discussions on ADM3 will focus on a new funding mechanism based on the results announced in Ontario`s 2019 budget.

Under ADM3, the ministry will confirm our defined benefit funding and core funding on the basis of crossing points. The government has divided the 10 performance indicators into two main categories: Skills – Job Outcomes Community – Economic Impact The SMA agreement must show: how Laurentian`s mission supports the Ontario government`s priority areas and how our plans and strategies will help improve performance in key areas: (i) meet the development needs of the labour market, (ii) improve the skills and skills of our students and (iii) support a post-secondary education system that strengthens Ontario`s economic competitiveness. . If you would like to view these documents in another format or have questions due to input assistance, please contact us at This list was updated in January 2020 and includes the annual SMA2 reports 2017-18, Part 1. It is important that our SMA3 agreement is compatible with the strategic plan, academic plan, research plan and budget and multi-year plan. In addition, a third category, “productivity, accountability and transparency,” has been created and institutions will be responsible for reporting on faculty workload and faculty compensation. . MTCU maintains a list of university and higher education SMAs on its website. The following table contains links to the current “SMA2” on the MTCU web version, the signed version on each university`s websites and a link to each university`s institutional analysis office.

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